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XeroLinux Site Content
I create content about Linux & FOSS software. You’ll find me rocking ArchLinux with KDE Plasma, probably helping somebody with a question. 😎
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So, I was thinking, why be the only one submitting content for the site ? This site is now a place to post Linux news, guides, and tools among other stuff. It’s all for sharing our love for FOSS.

How to create content

In case you feel like doing a write up that you think would be useful to others, you can do that, and guess what, it’s super easy… It’s just a single markdown file called which contains the text and an image called featured.png inside a folder named post-title. That’s it ! Once that’s done you zip them n send my way when I will go through it clean it up n publish…

- Folder contents


- Markdown contents


Don’t forget to update the date of the post in date:, also give it a short descriptive title: with a good description. Finally use the right tags: as shown in the screenshot. If in doubt click this to check » Template

With that out of the way, for more information about the various supported Shortcodes you can use, you can find them here » BlowFish Shortcodes.

Thanks again & Cheers :heart: