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I create content about Linux & FOSS software. You’ll find me rocking ArchLinux with KDE Plasma, probably helping somebody with a question. 😎
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Today I bring you a different kind of post. So sit back, grab a cup of tea/coffee and read on. It’s under this category coz it simply isn’t related to Linux.

Back Story

I want to talk about project’s YouTube Channel. I know I talked about it a few times before, but this time it’s not personal. Far from it, it’s just to update everyone on the situation.

Let’s begin with how it all started. As I was working on the now discontinued XeroLinux Distro, someone asked me if I could create a channel where I documented everything. At first I hesitated, due to the lack of knowledge there, and being camera shy, which am not anymore as you saw.

First few videos did not have my face, but slowly I started to appear in a few until it became the norm. I kept experimenting with a few setups still did until today. Was never satisfied.

I did not know what type of content to bring you guys, and getting monetization status was hard, until I met Alex from TheLinuxTube channel, who introduned me to someone who helped me get there and fast. But sadly, even with that status, I wasn’t getting enough views to profit from it.

I get it, it’s not your fault, but it was more related to the type of content I was making, mostly related to ArchLinux and my project. I even attempted to to host a podcast, and interview well-known Content Creators, which I failed miserably.

I did that for a while, then stopped. I came back for a while, thinking that’s it am on a roll now, with a video every Wednesday, and a Live at the end of every month. But alas, that did not work in my favor as much as I wanted it to…

Present & Future

Which brings me to the present. You will no longer see any videos from me for now. That’s it, I do apologize for that. It’s also that creating videos has affected my mental health negatively for little gain and I wasn’t able to recover from that. Fear not though, channel isn’t going anywhere, I will be leaving it up, in case you find a video that helps you.

As for the future of the channel, well I do not know. Maybe one day, if and when I settle down, with a decent job that actually makes me money to grab the required equipment, take care of some lingering health/appearance issues, I might consider coming back.


As you might have noticed, lately I have been concentrating on written content. It brings me more joy, more freedom to express myself, and most importantly I get to share more tools and guides.

The only thing you will not see from me are Distro Reviews, Vs and Bechmarking posts. Why ? Well quite simply because I lack the tools, hardware for benchmarking, and prefer not to start dramas when it comes to Distro Reviews and Vs posts, because as I have noticed lately, the FOSS community tends to be strongly opinionated, and sees Favoritism where there is none. I will leave those kinds of posts to those who like to do them.

Also I think that written content tends to be more useful than videos, simply because in case of commands to be run, paths to be used etc, it’s easier to copy and paste rather than pause the video and type them manually. That’s not to say that videos are not useful, on the contrary, if it weren’t for them, posts would be stale and boring, that’s why in my humble opinion, they compliment written content, helping us include a showcase of the product we are talking about.

Anyway, from now on, and for the foreseeable future I will be concentrating on what I love most, which is blogging. I have so much to share, so little time as the saying goes lol…

The other blog

Oh, I forgot to mention the Other Blog, well, since am enjoying written content, I thought I would also start a personal Journal, where I document how I feel about different things in the land of FOSS and my projects.

I keep it separate from this site, so as to not litter it with personal feelings as it were. That kind of content has no place here. I made it publicly available, so you can join me on my quest so to say. If you don’t care for that kind of content, by all means don’t go there. There’s a lot of lows with a bit of highs.. Simply coz that’s how I feel right now. Hoping for more positivity in the near future- (knock on wood).

Closing words

I know this might be a lot to take in. I just felt like sharing an update regarding the channel, and by extension the present and future state of affairs here at the XeroLinux HQ. I hope I did not bore you to death lol.

Anywho, thanks for reading all this, looking forward to your thoughts on the matter over on Fosstodon.

Cheers !