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Recover deleted files in Linux

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Recovery Guide Linux
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I have recently decided to make the switch to Linux as my main daily OS, leaving Windows behind just for occasional gaming. But since am new to Linux, everything requires me to do research. New things to learn I guess.

What Happened ?

Today something lame happened to me, I deleted my entire TV Shows folder while trying to move them LoL … DERP … Which prompted me to look for a way to recover them. Now on Windows it’s super easy I have a tool that does that 2 clicks. On Linux I had to do some research, a lot of it.

What I did

I found the tool that did the job and all my Shows were successfully recovered. The only thing is you have to do it immediately after deleting files or with drive Unmounted otherwise if drive has new files written on it recovery will become more difficult. That said, watch the video below then click button underneath to get teleported to full guide on It’s FOSS…