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Zoxide the smarter cd command

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While browsing YouTube I stumbled upon a video showing off a neat little tool called Zoxide. It’s touted to be a smarter cd command, inspired by z and autojump. It remembers which directories you use most frequently, so you can “jump” to them in just a few keystrokes. Zoxide works on all major shells.

How to get it ?

There are 2 ways to get it, either via your Arch’s package manager or a CURL command. However the devs recommend the latter. I will post both below.

- Arch’s Pacman

sudo pacman -S --noconfirm zoxide

- Recommended CURL command

curl -sS | bash

However you choose to get it is up to you. Anyway here’s a link to their Github page below.


A smarter cd command. Supports all major shells.


Enjoy :heart: